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Velux Window Replacement and Installation

If you’ve recently converted your loft and are trying to decide on the perfect windows to further enhance it, Velux roof windows may be your best option. Or if you were considering adding some windows to bring more light into a room, again Velux windows would be ideal. Quality Roofing Nottingham is authorized to install Velux Roof Window systems to replace your old or existing roof windows. Or we can install new Velux Windows in new or existing roofs.

Adding velux windows creates a brighter room in the upstairs area of a home and in loft conversions. Velux Windows are a highly regarded brand for not only roof windows but for skylights as well. They offer many different solutions and are known for their quality and durability, lasting for many years.

Quality Windows Nottingham can provide, fit and install Velux Windows in four different styles. This gives you a nice array of options in determining which one will best fit the style of your home and your needs:

Centre-Pivot Roof Windows
This style of Velux Window opens from the top, allowing you to open and close the window at head height. This style allows you to make use of the space below the window.

Top-Hung Roof Windows
This style has a handle at the base of the window so the Velux Window opens and shuts at the bottom. If you have a low-pitched roof, these would be an ideal choice. The Top Hung and the Velux Centre Pivot are both available with electrical operation.

Velux Roof Terrace and Cabrio Balcony
This option comes with both an upper and lower widow and they open independent of each other. This innovative Velux mini-balcony is the perfect solution for providing a sort of roof terrace to your home.

The Velux Skylight
The design is quite simple, needing a smaller aperture in the construction of the roof than a dormer roof window would. This type of skylight offers a lot more benefits, especially when it comes to saving space.

Benefits of Velux Windows:

Call Quality Roofing Nottingham to schedule a FREE site survey. Once this is done we can advise you on the best options for your Velux Windows, giving you a competitive price.