We provide the following roofing services in Hucknall

Pitched Roofs
We undertake all aspects involved in pitched roofing, from replacing or repairing a few tiles to restoring an entire roof as well as new builds.

With pitched roofs we mainly see problems with tile slip, especially after strong winds. Ridge tiles become loose from the wind and we are needed to reset them in mortar.

Flat Roofs
Quality Roofing Nottingham provides a wide array of roofing products especially for flat roofs. We offer products for all types of flat roofs, from large commercial roofs that need to be refurbished to roofs for little bay windows. We go by the old adage that “the roof selects the product”.

There are quite a few different factors to consider when selecting the roofing product, like weather, budget, planning and detail just to name a few. The different options we offer for flat roofing are discussed below.

Some options are more appropriate for particular buildings, but nonetheless whatever type of building you need repairs or a new roof installed for, we have the experience and the answers you need to make the selection process less intimidating.

We are able to renew or repair your flat roof whether it’s on a house or office building, garage, outbuildings or extensions.

Quality Roofing Nottingham undertakes flat roof repairs and renew work on all kinds of structures from residential and office buildings, small or large structures including commercial and industrial buildings and even small jobs like single car garages and porches.

Damaged and leaky flat roofs can be inspected quickly to spot all the areas needing attention and immediately sealed at a very low cost. If the damage is quite extensive, we can install an entirely new roof at a very competitive price.

Rubber Flat Roofs
Our team of roofing contractors at Quality Roofing Nottingham has been fully trained and earned accreditation to install rubber flat roofs. We also provide the latest longer lasting roofing system for rubber flat roofs.

Roof Conversions
We can also offer advice on and undertake approved roof conversions. When you take a flat roof and convert it into a beautiful new pitched roof your home will increase in value. This conversion also adds space to the interior of your home.

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