Lead Work

Lead is one of our most popular roofing materials because of its strength, durability and adaptability. It is often used for roof and chimney flashings, dormer roofs, cornices and whole roofs.

Tried and evaluated
The use of lead in construction go back to the Roman Times, “Plumbum” is the Latin word for lead and our word “plumbing” is derived from the Latin significance “lead employee”.

Life span
Lead, when set up by an expert, will last year after year. A minimum of 3 times longer than some synthetic alternatives out there. A great lead roof will easily live a generation and it prevails for lead roofings to continue to perform for well over 150 years.

Expense Effectiveness
Due to the fact that lead lasts so long and works so well, it makes it incredibly affordable during the life of the building it is used on. For 40 years, lead seems to be 50% cheaper than other alternatives. And practically 100% less expensive in simply 65 years.

Lead is beautiful
Lead can be as decorative as it is practical. As soon as the lead has been installed, it quickly establishes its natural patina which gives it a soft silvery appearance. Nothing looks like lead on a structure and it has actually been utilised in a few of the most lovely structures in the world.

When lead reaches completion of its life, it is merely manufactured once again and 100% of the old material is recycled. In fact, all brand-new lead sheets include a minimum of 95% recycled lead. And since lead has such a low melting point, the energy used to remanufacture it is very little and gives it a very low carbon footprint.

Lead is extremely flexible and can be easily controlled into complex shapes at ambient temperature levels. This makes lead an outstanding solution to a few of the most calcified issues.

Lead can be used in both historic and modern-day structures for lightning, weather condition clothes, upholstery, seamless gutter lining, roof and flat roofing systems, rainwater products and likewise clean for decor.

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