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A flat roofing system is used in many circumstances. It is frequently used as a water-tight covering for garages, porches and extensions to your home.

We are hugely experienced within this field and consider ourselves to be professionals in flat and pitched roofing, we more than happy to go over all your Flat Roof requirements which can be anything from a dripping damaged Flat Roof through to a total new Flat Roof Installation.

We are experts when it concerns flat roofing installation or repair work. Having your flat roof expertly set up is of crucial importance, a poorly set up flat roof can result in the severe pooling of water which ultimately harms the overall integrity of the roof.

Flat Roof Repair Options

Has your flat roof been harmed in a storm or is it simply looking a little even worse for wear? Whatever the reason we more than happy to be of service.

We just utilise the greatest quality of materials, and whilst it is difficult to totally remove the pooling of water on a flat roof, we can guarantee your roof remains water tight and functional for many years to come.

We will carry out a roofing system analysis well before any work has begun; our extensive assessment will make sure the structure of your existing roof is sound and safe.

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Flat Roof Repair Materials

A new flat roof can not be laid over a damaged one, however it can if there is no significant underlying damage. This will be determined during the course of our analysis.

Whatever your flat roofing requirements might be for your job we’ll be thrilled to provide to you a cost-efficient roofing option.

Flat roofing systems are extremely popular, specifically for extensions and each development has its own tradition or choice for materials used

We are extremely experienced in flat roof repairs and brand-new flat roof installation.

Flat Roof Coatings

Our expert roofing professionals specialise in all kinds of flat roofing on domestic and business homes.

Utilising totally trained and experienced fitters and the finest quality materials, we offer extremely competitively priced flat roof services for business, industrial and domestic consumers in our surrounding areas.

In addition to installing your brand-new flat roof, we can also perform upkeep of any of any flat roofing problem you might have.

We will discuss your requirements with you before the assessment to assist us strategise which products would be best for you.


Replacing A Flat Rubber Roof

With this in mind, our flat roofs are built utilising materials that are always of excellent quality, while being affordable.

If you have an issue with your flat roof however are not sure whether it requires totally replacing or not, simply contact us. We install brand-new flat roofing systems in a range of materials and finishes including GRP, traditional felt and lead.

We provide you totally free, no-obligation quotes so you can take time to decide if our flat roofing services are ideal for you.

A flat roofing system is UV and weather-proof making it the ideal option for all types of domestic and business applications including porches, extensions and garage roofing systems. The flat roofing systems that our company installs are maintenance free and made to last.

Ashphalt Flat Roof Repair In Nottingham

Our skilled team will produce a high standard of flat roofing second to none, ensuring you always get the flat roof you need that’s built to last.

Flat roofing systems or low pitched angled roofs typically have a restricted life span. They are notorious for leaks and deterioration gradually, specifically in severe conditions.

We can offer you with a complete quotation, making sure you know all the costs so you can expect that you will come in budget plan each time.

So if you’re searching for a reputable roofing specialist for roof installation or repairs in your location, We are your leading choice.

Fibreglass is a newer roofing system that lends itself best to flat roofing but is also suitable for pitched roofs in some applications. Fibreglass is much more durable than felt and stronger too. … A fibreglass roof will last for more than 20 years and it’s less likely than felt to develop a fault.
Flat roofs, on the other hand usually need replacement every 15 years. In addition, some types of roofing and climatic conditions require homeowners to replace their roofs as often as every 10 years.
A. In my opinion, the latest reinforced torch-on felts are the best material for most domestic flat roofs. They are the modern equivalent of the traditional built-up felt roof covering, where the layers of felt were bedded in hot-poured tar or bitumen.
Flat Roof Disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage to installing a flat roof is the drainage, or lack thereof. Flat roofs do drain, but not nearly as efficiently as a roof with any kind of pitch. … The vast majority of flat roofs use a type of rolled roofing; rubber, EPDM, TPO, or bitumen.
Leaks and Moisture. Another common problem with flat roofs is leaks. But since it’s a flat roof, the water doesn’t have anywhere to go but straight down. This means that the moisture can seep into the roof that may cause mold and fungus, or damage to the structure.
Eventually, water will seep through into the joists and building below. When it comes to a felt flat roof’s lifespan, the majority of guarantees will only last for ten years. If well installed and maintained, roofing felt could last longer but it will require time and money to keep it in a decent state
Most fibreglass roofs are guaranteed for 25 years but can last much, much longer if well looked after. Fibreglass is the most expensive of the options due to material costs, and although it is not as flexible as rubber it is incredibly resistant to damage and repairs are very easy and almost un-noticeable
EPDM – 10 to 15 years. TPO – 7 to 20 years. Bitumen – 10 to 20 years. Built Up Roof – 15 to 20 years
When all of this is taken into consideration, the average cost for a roof that’s approximately 1.5m larger than a double garage roof should be between £975 and £1,500, with prices in London around £500 more.
Generally, minimum slope for water to run off is 1% (1/8″ per 1′). However, minimum slope for a flat roof by building code here is 2%. (1/4″ per 1′). You have more than enough slope for your roof, however you will likely need some sort of membrane roofing since it is very low slope.
There are fewer damage and repair costs over the lifespan of the roof. Installing things like solar panels, which save on electricity, and satellites—making repairs and cleaning gutters less expensive and easier to accomplish on flat roofs. The second advantage is space can be used for other purposes
With some flat roofs, the pitching may not have been done properly the first time. Pitching is the slope of a roof, and without slope, even a low one, water can’t drain. Repitching your roof is one of the most complicated ways to reduce ponding water and should only be done by a qualified roofing contractor.
The lifespan of a flat roof depends on the material covering it. Asphalt coverings use layers of felt combined with molten asphalt and topped with a coating of gravel. This is an inexpensive flat roofing option, but typically only lasts about 10 years.

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