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A remarkable, economical option to standard roofing techniques. This is an incredibly resilient roofing membrane made of synthetic rubber that lasts up to fifty years.

Environmental activists and regulative organizations concur that the EPDM rubber roof is the test of the times which it is an environmentally friendly option for your flat roofing.

Unlike many traditional felt roofing preparations, EPDM does not support the growth of moss and other such impacts. This makes it even more durable and looks new longer.

EPDM dominates the roof market with a single product through its tested efficiency, toughness and versatility over a wide range of building types.

These do not crack, split or rot. It needs little or no ongoing upkeep, which indicates it is a low cost service for your flat roofing system.

EPDM roofs are not impacted by severe temperature levels, which indicates they are suitable for all residential or commercial properties and areas.

Ultraviolet light is the main factor for the roof weakening, but EPDM has superior resistance to UV (radiation), is windproof, has unequaled resistance to heat shock. This also has the best resistance to hail damage in any other roofing option. It’s the most durable flat roof option!

Unlike a built-up roof, the EPDM membrane does not include organic products that can rot due to moisture triggered by condensation or leakage.

This artificial rubber is most often utilized on roofings with one layer due to the fact that it is easily available and simple to use.

Exceptional EPDM transmission at low life process expenses and less environmental impact.

Can frequently be set up in a complete layer without having to join (depending on size).


This is the most essential EPDM roof system we use here at Quality Roofing Nottingham. Thanks to its extreme flexibility, RESITRIX is a self-adhesive EPDM system and is ideal for covering an existing roof. This heat-welded reinforced membrane also works brilliantly for larger commercial flat roofings and seamless gutters. Protect your residential or commercial property and offer your roofing system a lot more years without the need for a complete roofing system replacement.


Hertalan EPDM membranes have exceptional properties and is appropriate for exposure to UV and ozone radiation. It withstands ageing and therefore can be utilised as adherent and mechanically fixed systems without the requirement for extra surface protection.

An EPDM membrane roofing system that can offer all flat roofing systems the best water resistant EPDM sheets. The unique hot bonding technology is used to link EPDM sheets together at our factory. In this way, HERTALAN ® produces an EPDM-flat roof system that can almost seal an entire roof at once with big sheets.


A liquid rubber roof system is ideal for complex roofing systems or to discuss existing felt where roofing system membranes may not be practical. This can be applied to numerous surface areas right out of the tin.

What is it utilized for?

EPDM membranes can be utilised for both roofing and sloping roofing systems along with unusually shaped constructions. Such as domes and other geometrically shaped roofing systems. Since EPDM is thermally set throughout setup, no additional treating is required. Repair work can be easily performed with easy tools and devices without the need for heavy equipment. This makes it a really easy and cost-efficient roofing system that promises longevity.

Your regional EPDM flat roofing experts in Nottingham

Setup costs differ from system to system as well as from constructing to structure, but EPDM roof is still one of the very best and most versatile roof services on the planet today. Here at Quality Roofing, we are experts in installing EPDM roofing systems in Nottingham. We work with the best EPDM providers in the country to make sure that you get the very best price and items of the very best quality, which implies the very best roof for your houses

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