To make sure that your chimney is in the very best possible condition, it should be serviced and checked routinely for any problems or safety issues. If repair work are performed as quickly as they are found, bigger and more pricey problems can be prevented from occurring in the future.

Your chimney is exposed to the full force of UK weather condition and need to endure a host of harsh climate condition throughout the year.

Whether your chimney has actually been hit by storm, frost or wind damage, or if it needs some careful remediation from old age, we have the skills and experience to repair your chimney to the highest standard.

Chimneys can weaken gradually and if left too long prior to being repaired, in this case, rebuilding the chimney might be the only option.

Call Quality Roofing today and talk with among our chimney repair work professionals. We are more than happy to set up a chimney assessment to evaluate the chimney damage. We can then recommend you on what type of repair work is needed.


Due to the chimney’s exposure to the aspects, they are prone to the impacts of weathering, it’s a good idea to get them pointed again so that erosion of the brickwork is avoided.

If you believe your chimney may require to be pointed once again, contact Quality Roofing today. One of our chimney professionals will be happy to check the chimney and provide a totally free quote for any redeployment or repairs required.

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